Tehzeeb hafi wikipedia

Tehzeeb hafi wikipedia

When it comes to the world of crime, the stories of Underworld and the most dreaded dons of the Underworld, then automatically the image of Dawood Ibrahim or Chota Rajan crosses our minds. But do you know there were even some female outlaws that were so notorious that government had to issue bounty over their heads!

These women may not be in such spotlight as their male counterparts but they are one of the most feared dons in the Underworld. She along with her husband was one of the principal architects in the planning of the Mumbai Bomb Blasts. She was actively involved in the terror activities of her husband and unleashed a shower of terror all throughout the city.

She fled to Dubai with her husband and lived there for some time when the whole city was in chaos. There are now reports that she is now living in Karachi. Shabana Memon is the Sister in Law of the dreaded gangster, Tiger Memon and is the wife of Ayub Memon who is accused of being part of the Mumbai Bomb Blasts which killed over people.

She has an association with D-Company, the gang of Dawood Ibrahim and is accused of not informing the police as she knew all about the Mumbai Bomb Blasts when it was being planned.

She fled to Dubai with her avira system error 5 access denied and later took shelter in Karachi. She has a red corner notice with her name on it with a reward of Rs 25, Sapna Didi a. Rahima Khan was a very charming lady. The dark-skinned Kaliya knew the dangers when she married her.

She became furious when her husband was killed by D-Company. She swore to revenge his death. Sapna Didi married a serving sub-inspector but her secret lovers did not let her live long when she retaliated against Dawood. She was brutally murdered at her residence at Nagpada in February Babloo Shrivastava is famous internationally for many illegal activities.

After he was caught by the police, she took over the gang. Archana is an active member of Babloo Srivastav gang and a trusted lieutenant of Fazal-ur-Rehman.

She was involved in many cases which included crimes such as extortion, Murders and kidnapping. She was caught and was out in jail but she jumped bail and is now missing. It is alleged that she runs the gangs operations from foreign lands. Not much is known about this gangster but during the s, she ran one of the biggest liquor barons in Mumbai.The sensuality that adult stars show on screen surely excites everyone but we have no idea what these adult stars go through in their personal life.

Adult movies look shining from outside to us but only those who are related to it know its dark secrets. Although the adult industry is very successful in western countries, but it sometimes leads many actors to suffer from depression and anxiety.

Many actresses fail to survive in this industry and take the final step to end their life. Everyone has their own reasons to take such a big step of committing suicide but one thing is common — depression.

Here we bring you famous porn stars who committed suicide. She has her first sexual experience at the age of Her career was a boom but she gradually became addicted to drugs and alcohol.

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She was the first nude model to appear in the pages of The Times. Her tragic death shocked everyone in the adult industry. She was found dead in her home on December 29, The reason is still unknown to police why she committed suicide. She was the first celebrity to have appeared in video games in Anastasia Blue ended her life on 19 July by taking an overdose of a drug named Tylenol. She suffered a major heart attack by the overdose of died at the moment.

It is believed that she was suffering from depression after she quit her career of pornographic movies to settle down. Paula Yates commits suicide at the age of 41 by taking an overdose of heroine on September 17, She was a very successful porn star of her time and enjoyed huge success and appreciation for her work in the adult industry. Pauline Chan was a Chinese-Hong Kong pornographic actress who aroused significant attraction and controversies during her career.

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Famous porn star Violet Adamson died in Ohio on December 19,at the age of She committed suicide by hanging herself. She was born on July 1,in Cleveland in Ohio.Abashakashatsi bavuga yuko Uburundi bwamyeho ka gihugu cikwiye kuva mu kinjana ca Uburundi cari igihugu cifashe kandi cagutse.

Mu nyuma ku ntwaro y'Ababirigi gitakaza Ubugufi, imwe mu ntara yari nini, ica yegukira Tanzaniya. Indimi zizwi kandi zikoreshwa mu kazi ni Ikirundi, igifaransa; igiswahili gikoreshwa canecane mu buzima b'urudandazwa. Indwano yabaye mu Burundi muni yo yabaye ndende cane kandi ni na yo yagize inkurikizi mbi cane ku vyerekeye iporitike.

Muri Ruhuhuma umwaka w', Abarundi barahamagariwe kwemeza irindi bwirizwa shingiro biciye mu matora. Ubu Uburundi buriko buranaganaga kuva aho hasinyiwe amasezerano hagati y'imigwi yahora irwanya ubutegetsi hamwe n'igisoda c'Ireta. Abahinga babona ko Uburundi bufise kazoza keza. Amashure matoya atunganijwe mu myaka itandatu. Umwaka wa gatandatu uherezwa n'ikibazo ca Reta giha abarushije abandi uburenganzira bwo kwiga mu mashure yisumbuye akukira Ireta.

Abamenye mugabo bataronse ubwo burenganzira, baca biga amshure yisumbuye akukira amakomine. Abo kinaniye barashobora guhitira canke bagaheba kwiga, bakaja kurondera ubuzima mu myuga mitomito. Abenshi muri abo birabagora cane kwiteza imbere kuko baba bavuye mw'ishure bakiri bato kandi ata bumenyi bukwiye bafise. Amashure y'isumbuye Mu Burundi abana batangura amashure yisumbuye bafise imyaka icumi n'ibiri canke icumi n'itatu iyo batahitiye. Mu bisanzwe amashure yisumbuye agizwe n'ibice bibiri.

Mu gice ca mbere abana bamara imyaka ine ku ntebe y'ishure. Ivyirwa bikuru bikuru bakurikira ni ibi: 1. Indimi ikirundi, igifaransa n'icongereza : 2. Ibiharuro 3. Akahise 4. Indonda bihugu 5. Uburimyi 6. Kunonora imitsi 7. Kugira babandanye igice ca kabiri, bategerezwa kumenya ikibazo co mu mwaka w'icumi. Abafise ubumenyi bujanye n'ibiharuro, barashobora guhitamwo kubandanya amashure yisumbuye mu gisata c'ibiharuro n'ibindi vyirwa bijanye.

Abafise amanota meza mu ndimi n'ibindi vyirwa bijanye na bo bashobora ku bandanya amashure yisumbuye mu gisata c'indimi.

Muri ico gihe, ivyirwa abana biga biba bishimikiye ku ndimi canke ku biharuro. Bitayeko, abana barashobora guhitamwo kwiga amashure y'imyuga. Abana bahisemwo kunonosora ibiharuro canke indimi, bategerezwa gukora ikibazo co mu mwaka w'icumi na gatatu. Ni ikibazo c'Ireta gihambaye cane gitanga uburenganzira bwo kwinjira muri kaminuza.


Category : Burundi. Namespaces Page Discussion. Views Read Edit Edit source View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. This page was last edited on 24 Marchat See Terms of Use for details.For the first few times, I skipped, but, after one listening, I realized Tehzeeb hafi Shayari is not a local shayari.

I searched him on YouTube, and listened to his shayari. He is really writing a good Urdu poetry. And he deserves the attention he is getting. I read lots of his poetry and I find these shayrs, that are too awesome to not to publish on my blog.

There is much less known about him. I tried the net, but failed to find any biographical content about him. There were few interviews on Youtube. He likes smoking, for sure. The only thing I can say right now is he is from Pakistan. So, I cannot contact him. We have to wait, until some Pakistani guy research on him and write a little bit.


One thing I noticed about Tehzeeb Hafi poetry is, in every ghazal there were shayrs related to environment. Mostly about Trees. There is shayari about Ret sandNadiyan riversJungle, and Darakht trees.

Tehzeeb Hafi adore nature, and from his shayari it looks, he want to be friend with the nature. He want to spend time with it, and in a way, he want to communicate with it. And what better language you can have other than poetry, to express the feelings that are tough to explain. Now, standing here, it is clear as day: more than anything else, you want to find words for what you feel and think and everything that is dark. And then this terrifying thought hits you: Yes, your father wrote poetry to find a language for his wounds.

But Tehzeeb Hafi is not wounded, he is in love with nature. Poetry is also a language of love. And you can save and share them on your social media profile too. I will like it if you give the credit. Tell you favorite shayari of Tehzeeb Hafi in comments. May be I will make the graphics for them too. If you share any of them on Social Media, do mention me.

I will love it. Instagram and Facebook. Tehzeeb Hafi does not only love the nature, but he also likes his watch a lot. Anybody else notices it.All Google's trademarks are the properties of Google Inc. Should any trademark attribution be missing, mistaken or erroneous, please contact me as soon as possible for rectification. Tehzeeb Description.

20 Matches for Hafi

Description provided by Wikipedia. Click an entity to go directly to the entity box. Tehzeeb film Tez Ilyas British comedian Tehzeeb film Tehzeeb Song by Atif Aslam Tehzeeb Fictional character Tehzeeb film Wiki Authority Control Authority control is a method of creating and maintaining index terms for bibliographical material in a library catalogue.

The links produced by the authority control template on Wikipedia go to authority control data in worldwide library catalogues. It premiered on 21 November He currently presents a satirical comedy show that mixes sketches and current affairs, called The Tez O'Clock Show on Channel 4. Tehzeeb film Desc: Tehzeeb is a Pakistani film.

The makers of this film were asked to change a reference to Egypt because it might prove detrimental to diplomatic relations with that country. Try searching in other languages: en - it - fr - de - es - pt. Entities Finder Cluster.New York, NY. La Verne, CA. On the internet, Samer goes by the alias shafim. San Francisco, CA. Zak Hafi lives in San Francisco, California. On the internet, Zak goes by the alias dz Gipsy, PA. Osama Hafi lives in Gipsy, PA. Greenville, SC.

We Found Hafi. Hafi Pets - hafi. Hafi hafi - fairuz. Ha Na Fi - matk. Hafi Pecinta ank Rsbgp - Hafi. Hafi Ringia - hafi. Hafi - Hafi. Ha Di Saa Fi - hadi. Hafi Hafiy R - hafi. Hafi Hafi - hafi. Ha Fi - ha. Hafi Ratna Putri - hafiratnaputri. Hafi - hafirzl. Hafi - hafiism Hafi - hafielyr. Hafiz Zambri - HafiZambri. Mehdinamax - HafiMehdi.Tere lagaye huye zakham kyun nahin bharteMere lagaye huye paiRr sookh jate hain.

Koi tumhara safar par gaya to poochain ge, Ke rail guzre to hum hath kyun hilate hain. Tera chup rehna mere zehen main kya beth gaya, Itni awazen tujhe di ke gala beth gaya. Yun nahin hai ke faqat main hi usse chahta hoon, Jo bhi us paiRr ki chaon main gaya beth gaya. Itna meetha tha woh ghusse bhara lehja mat puch, Us ne jis ko bhi jaane ka kaha beth gaya. Apna laRrna bhi mohabbat hai tumhen ilm nahinCheekhti tum rahi aur mera gala beth gaya.

Us ki marzi woh jise paas bitha le apneIs pe kya laRrna falaan meri jagah beth gaya. Baat dariyaon ki suraj ki na teri hai yahanDo qadam jo bhi mere sath chala beth gaya.

Bazm -e-janan main nashistain nahin hoti makhsusJo bhi ik baar jahan beth gaya, beth gaya. Poetry Poets. Tehzeeb Hafi Ranjish. Feel free to add your own Tehzeeb Hafi Shayari here. Tere lagaye huye zakham kyun nahin bharteMere lagaye huye paiRr sookh jate hain, Koi tumhara safar par gaya to poochain ge, Ke rail guzre to hum hath kyun hilate hain.

New Shayari Garche sau baar hijar se jaan guzri hai. Kya aese kam-sukhan se koi guftgu kare. Na jee bhar ke dekha na kuch baat ki. BaRre tahammul se rafta rafta nikalna hai. Zindagi kum paRrhe pardesi ka khat hai. Sar se paa tak woh gulabon ka shajar lagta hai. Hum kya kahen ehbaab kya kaar-e-numayaan kar gaye. Ae shamaa tujh pe yeh raat bhaari hai jis tarah. Rasta sochte rehne se kidhar banta hai. Jaagna aur jagaa ke so jana. Wohi charaagh bujha jis ki lau qayamat thi.

Sab log jidhar woh hain udhar dekh rahe hain. Qadam mila ke zamane ke sath chal na sake. Wafa ke zikr chiRra tha ke raat beet gayi. Gilaa bhi tujh se bohat hai magar mohabbat bhi. Barish Dhoka Dosti Intezar.

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