Otome r18 drama cd soundcloud

Otome r18 drama cd soundcloud

It has been quite long time since I updated right. I think I will have quite much holidays on the next months, so I am thinking of translating Tamekoi tokuten and Henai Kareshi both on that holiday season, so please wait for a little while. As I was saying before, I started playing Touken Ranbu for some weeks. Do any of you play the same game? Please message me and we can talk! Keep reading. Originally posted by aprilfebruary.

S: About the Henai Kareshi vol. And when it comes to Henai Kareshi, I will have to prepare myself from now on because the dirty words inside are a little bit too much for me.

r18 drama cd translation

Thank you for supporting me as always, Henai Kareshi Anon-chan! I love you so much! Let me give you a hug! Originally posted by allthingsshabbyandbeautiful.

Originally posted by abasketofgifs. It would have the similar meaning, though. There are sentences I paraphrase, also. I had to be extra creative here with the design of his clothes since the chibi version of him has really tiny details. W, well… If I can be honest. S, so well. Somehow it looks sexy. Oh, that sounds effect comes from you and Abel corpse had a sex. Why Cain was shouting like he was seeing end of the world?

Then I realized this was the same sound effect in track 3 and track 6 where the princess had sex with Abel living and Cain raped. But this drama CD is truly the same as the title— it was not disappointing at all. A real, bloody ending.

Little Notification! Hello, Icchan here! Icchan updates. Just a suggestion.May I ask where you can listen to this? I really wanna hear it, but I don't kmow where to look :. Thanks for your hardwork, much appreciated :. Edit: Nvm. Thank you soo much for your translation.

It doesn't matter much on how rough the translation is. Tbh, it's pretty good, it wasn't all over the place and all. Admittedly I found it a tad hard to follow, but that's just me, since I read it too far ahead due to excitement :.

You made my day with this translation, thank you again. I must point out though. Is there more than 7 tracks for him? Because I don't really se-hear him as a yandere, just clingy more than anything. Don't hear any yandere moments anyways. And oh, you're not alone, who doesn't love incest hehe, esp when he calls you onee-chan with that sexy voice- yes I love your sexy voice too Noah. You are welcome! I also tend to read ahead due to excitement, you are not alone. There are 2 extra CDs that come along with this one that have him saying yandereish things but yeah I agree with you, I don't think he is all too yandere.

More like borderline and very clingy like you said. My reaction exactly when he asked if I liked his voice. Are you sure he's yandere? Yeah he is more like borderline. If you take out Track 6 you could call him yandere since his whole world basically revolves around her and he even says things like wanting to die in her arms and stuff but Track 6 tones him done and reverses what has been done which I hate.

But yeah while I was translating it I realized too late and I didn't want to stop translating it because people were looking forward to the translation. I still believe it is a nice CD for those who like yanderes since he is very clingy and attached to her.

otome r18 drama cd soundcloud

He kinda reminds me of the guy in Trick or Kiss. No seriously though. The translation was really well done and easy to understand, and I can tell you really worked hard at it. Thank you so so much for taking the time and effort to make this for us! Also, I really appreciate your comment! Thank you for acknowledging my effort, I am glad my hard work didn't go to waste :D Same, things like this are my weakness too xD. Post a Comment. Notice: As you can probably tell, this blog has been renovated.

That being said, I'm glad to be back again! I hope you enjoy the new look! I know I took a while but here it is! My translations are not perfect and this is the first time I have ever translated a Drama CD so go easy on me please. If you see any errors please inform me so I can fix them.Japanese male voice equals my absolute weakness. It is a free audio application you can upgrade to premium version for ad-free and listen offline features.

2016 most viewed R18 Drama CD Complicaion vol 1

You can create your own playlists like YouTube but it's more convenient with a lot more stories. Also, you are able to listen while having your phone performing other task and it's not as internet consuming. Set in Meiji era, you mc lost your parents during the war. On the way to Hokkaido, you were kidnapped. Of course, you will hear lots of blood sucking sounds through out the story! There is a lot on dramacdtranslations.

I always skip his route when playing DL series. Tbh he annoyed me in DL and I focused on Ayato and Laito but after falling in love with his obsessed, cute, screaming voice I don't mind anymore and now he is on 2nd place :joy: :joy: :joy: srsly if you like his voice, try to listen something else :D.

Oh yeah that scream!! It's a shame I haven't been able to find the Mukami lost Eden one as well as the tsukinami one, but I guess I'll just need to be patient This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences.

Hi guys, just want to do a mini review for an audio application today. Recently, I enjoy SoundCloud a lot! Likes Comments Like Read 2 more replies. Reply to: ALCEA Tbh he annoyed me in DL and I focused on Ayato and Laito but after falling in love with his obsessed, cute, screaming voice I don't mind anymore and now he is on 2nd place :joy: :joy: :joy: srsly if you like his voice, try to listen something else :D.

Reply to: Klaudyna Oh yeah that scream!! I found a small part of Kino's track 4, around the kissing scene :flushed: Have you found it?

Thank you for writing this! My original one has lots of messy stuff :flushed:. That's so cool :smile: How much do they normally cost? Read one more reply. Thank you :blush:. Featured post Similarities Challenge.

Into Otome? Join the community. Get App. Vivi 10 hours ago. Cookie Policy This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content.Thanks to the bad side of the internet and my hobby, one day and heard Masatomo Nakazawa voice and fell in love. I really enjoy much more series with a good plot than the nsfw filled with nonsense. I was really curious about the final effect and the phone calls! I feel so pervy listening to it so early in the morning 7am :flushed: :flushed: :flushed:.

I dont want to ruin Chara's image in my head LOL his voice is my another fave. They are my medicine to relax to be honest! Thanx for that! If rated 18 I can always recommend him aka Sawa Manaka or reject cd drama. I LOVE criminale and wasurenagusa the most. Criminale isnt really nsfw, wasurenagusa is. I often choose dramas depending on the seiyuu. There are some no go's for me. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content.

Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences. Likes Comments Like Ohhh my little potato, that got me blushing :joy:. Klaudyna Author. This is the real power of drama cds and dummyhead mic Read 2 more replies.

Reply to: Klaudyna Yes, exactly! I try and download all sawa manaka drama cds and listen to them this 1 was intense :hearts: :hearts: :hearts: :hearts: :hearts: :hearts: :hearts: :hearts: :hearts:. Read 12 more replies. Reply to: Klaudyna Hahaha omg i havent been listening to drama cd lately coz my earphone is kinda broken on the left side But i would love to join in.

Reply to: Klaudyna Dialovers were the first dramas I heard and the reason I fell in love with dramas. Featured post Getting back on my feet on otome. Featured post Similarities Challenge. Into Otome? Join the community. Get App. More from Klaudyna.Keep reading. Please wear earphones. I am not responsible for your sins. This came! So damn happy! Here we have Ryo Makabe drying his hair.

Have listened to his route but it was taken down a few weeks after. Good stuff nonetheless. Rei Kurusu looking fantastic in bed. Got it because I love the seiyuu that did his story. And cutie Senna Kashiwagi. Just to be clear, these men are not from any otome game. Because my Japanese listening comprehension is better than my reading, I somehow got hooked on their sexy voices, the stories, the moans of pleasure, and the sound effects. So I decided to start collecting them last month.

Ryoku Shinsen. Taro Aki, Ouma Hakurou.

Hey! Little Notification!

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Listening to Drama CDs with SoundCloud (Free)

Amayadori no Yurikago CV. Name Danshi: Kyoukaku Romanticist. Futari ni Honrou sareru Koi in Office. Big Brother x Slut CV. Yoritada Konoe Utakata Soushi Sound Inn april cd r18 otome josei josei muke situation cd drama cd r18 drama cd.A otome gamer can never feel complete without drama cds. Especially for voice actor enthusiasts.

The different types of drama cds available. Drama cds are audio dramas. Also known as situation drama CD. They can be either a first person perspective or a third person perspective.

otome r18 drama cd soundcloud

First person perspective is when the listener is the main character themselves with and without voice depending on the type of drama cd while third person perspective is more towards the character interactions with one another in a third person point of view.

More info on drama CD. A normal drama CD or talk CD tends to be adaptations of manga or light novels or tokutens from otome games. There are also original drama cds in these formats. They include dialogues, inner thoughts of every character accordingly, narrations and follows a proper storyline. The perspective shifts from character to character from time to time.

otome r18 drama cd soundcloud

Some features interactions between characters with a short and simple storyline. Otome game tokuten drama cds examples Amnesia, Marginal 4Code Realize, etc. Anime drama CD normally original side stories are included as talk CDs as well.

One of the few popular types of drama CDs. They come in all varieties. Sometimes they add character songs for the listeners to enjoy. Dummy head mics are microphones that is shaped like the head of a dummy.

Dummy head mics have pinnae and ear canals where at the end of the ear canals are microphones.I haven't listened to a lot of drama cds lately nor played otome games for that matter. However, this yandere drama cd series broke the hiatus. Confining Marriage is a two part r18 otome drama cd exclusively on DLsite.

drama cd r18

It's been a while since I wrote something about male yandere and it's kinda hard to find male yandere cds nowadays. That's a great company name, just putting it out there. I mean, who doesn't want white chocolate? What happens if you lost your memories of certain events and your supposed boyfriend was conveniently there, helping you along the way as you try to get memories back but end up losing them again? This is the oversimplified story of the R18 drama CD - Shuuchaku eye 2.

But I'll be talking about Vol 4 this time. Hahaha, I made a stupid parody out of my own Otome Game Hype articles. Well, to be more accurate, only volumes 2 and 4. I haven't listen to Vol 1 yet and I can't find Vol 3 for the life of me.

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