Cleanaway jobs

Cleanaway jobs

I would not recommend this company to my worst enemy! No customer service at all, they avoid you at all costs. Best thing I ever did was change over to Wanless Waste.

Absolute rip off merchants. No phone call and no effort by the driver to walk up the driveway as we were home. Would rate a zero star if that was an option. They don't show up when they are meant to, they show up when they are not meant to and then charge a ridiculous fee because they couldn't gain access.

Cancelled the service agreement after a couple of months of being told I couldn't only to have them not show up to collect the bin on the day promised!! Now back to the drawing board of dealing with them only to be told " it should be this week sometime" The most incompetent company around.

Watch it! Stay away from Cleanaway! We had a service with this company. Said and done are different things so be careful! This company is the epitome of incompetent. Simple inquiries will implode their brains and you'll sit on hold indefinitely. Couldn't even give me a price on a bin without transferring me to three different departments. This should be accessible from the website but its not. Was told an account manager will be in contact in a weeks time. Imagine ringing Bunnings and asking how much a screwdriver is and they say we'll get back to you in a weeks time.

Astonishingly awful company. Not even a single start to be given as they don't give a damn about customers! Brutal negligence and extremely bad customer service. NOT Even a single damn is given about you!

Stay away. I wish they will go into they own rubbish bins one day. Found out that Veolia offer better service and better price. I thought since we had been with Cleanaway for years they would do something to help us - The customer service representative told me he can't do anything without a copy of a quote from Veolia.Account Options Sign in. Top charts. New releases. Cleanaway Cleanaway Education.

Add to Wishlist. Helping you manage your waste. The Cleanaway App enables everyone to improve their sustainable footprint by: - Enter your postcode to explore your councils waste management program.

Cleanaway are passionate about creating a sustainable future. Please provide any feedback to feedback cleanaway. Reviews Review Policy. Updated waste services information for Yorke Peninsula. View details. Flag as inappropriate. Visit website. See more. Grainfather Community. Brew on any system. Create and share recipes with the Brewing Community.

cleanaway jobs

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MobileRving 4. More by Cleanaway. Team CWY. Keep up to date with Cleanaway news and content, and share it with your networks.Thanks for visiting our new website. As you browse through the site, please make a note of your experience and share your feedback with us at this link. To continue browsing, close this notification and use the link at the top of the page to provide your feedback at the end of the session.

Our operations teams create value through directly serving our customers and communities. From drivers, operators and fleet maintenance to customer service and administration, our operational teams are the face of our business and integral to our growth. Our sales and support functions drive growth across all markets by playing a key role in leveraging our operational business to benefit our customers. Enterprise wide roles include sales, customer, marketing, fleet, engineering, safety, environment, finance, legal, IT and HR.

We strive to make a sustainable future for the planet but also endeavor to make a sustainable future for all our stakeholders, more importantly, our people to provide job security, long term employment and career opportunities because without them there is no Cleanaway.

With over 50 years of industry knowledge and long term contracts with our customers our business provides long term employment and enables employment for entire careers. This means proving a safe environment for all our stakeholders including an incident and injury free workplace for our employees.

Sign up for the latest sustainability news for industry, businesses and communities. Click Here for new customer. Skip to content. Your feedback is important to us. Home About Us Careers. This is what it means to work for Cleanaway.

Explore Life at Cleanaway. Creating value Our operations teams create value through directly serving our customers and communities. Adding value Our sales and support functions drive growth across all markets by playing a key role in leveraging our operational business to benefit our customers.

You might also like.Thanks for visiting our new website. As you browse through the site, please make a note of your experience and share your feedback with us at this link.

To continue browsing, close this notification and use the link at the top of the page to provide your feedback at the end of the session.

Celebrating our women in waste

Meet just a few of our people who are leading the way for women in the waste management industry. Our People. Working on different projects with different people and organisations is the best part of my job at Cleanaway. This provides a constant challenge and plenty of opportunities to learn and grow.

An inclusive and diverse workplace produces happier and more productive employees who will feel valued, welcomed, integrated and included in the workforce, which is crucial to growing and sustaining businesses. People will have no choice but to respect you once you have proven yourself and your abilities. She showed tremendous initiative, patience and diligence to turn ship bunker waste into a value-add product. Taking over the Katoomba depot is what I have loved most about my job.

Earn respect for the work you do. My workplace is very inclusive — the respect and support I receive from all around me has made me feel very welcome. Training is still required for some with outdated views, but I believe they are a minority now. To make equality work, we need an attitude to learn, a willingness to listen and the flexibility to take on more training.

As a truck driver and as part of the management I know firsthand how the hours can consume you — not just for a woman but for everyone in the industry. But it is still rewarding all the same. Natalie won the Community Spirit award for coordinating a work role for Blake, a young truck enthusiast with disability. Working for Cleanaway for the past seven years has presented me with so many opportunities. My Cleanaway journey started out in the Malaga workshop. It was a daunting change, but I felt welcomed and comfortable from day one.

Within my first 12 months I earned a promotion and I am now the operations supervisor. I continue to learn from the waste veterans around me and grow my knowledge every day. I really enjoy my job and have no regrets in the path I chose to take. I receive nothing but support and encouragement from my managers and the whole Cleanaway Wheatstone team and I look forward to a brilliant future here.

Working for a company I respect in a role I love was an easy decision for me. So much effort has gone into the scheme behind the scenes from more than one group to be able to provide Return and Earn to the public. My role as a regional account manager sees me working alongside the backbone rural and remote communities of our state.

Seeing such tiny communities collect such huge numbers used to surprise me at the start. This is exactly why I love my job so much. I work with an incredible team with a fantastic support network behind me.

I have really enjoyed forming relationships with all my sites and I get to see some of the most spectacular parts of our state in my travels. I strongly believe that no matter where we come from, the size of our bank account, the colour of our skin or even where we went to school, we all bleed the same.

We all walk the same earth, breath the same air, and no one is above or below another. I am grateful for every milestone and step in my life. Both good and bad, they have moulded me into the person I am today. My vision for an inclusive workplace is one where everyone supports each other and raises each other up with words and actions.

It should be a place where everyone feels welcome because they belong. I believe that investing in my professional success is one step towards equality.

With that said, I intend to enrol in a leadership course.Find jobs Company reviews Find salaries. Upload your resume. Sign in. View Jobs. Cleanaway website. What is it like to work at Cleanaway? Productive and Too strict. They make the place to be as lively as usual but not ignoring the reason we are in clean away. What are people saying about the leadership at Cleanaway? Very Professional Environment. It's a very fast paced work environment and very strict but it is also a great place to work financially, there are days where you are physically stressed from the long hours.

Management treats their employees fairly as well but they have very strict policies in terms of safety that must be adhered. What are people discussing at Cleanaway? Top questions about Cleanaway What should you wear to an interview at Cleanaway? Does Cleanaway allow for flexible working hours? Or are the hours set? What is the company culture like at Cleanaway?

How much does Cleanaway pay their employees? Operator 3 salaries reported. Min and max salaries are hidden when we have fewer than 5 salaries. Customer Service Representative 3 salaries reported. What jobs are available at Cleanaway? MR Driver. Operations Supervisor. Heavy Diesel Mechanic.

cleanaway jobs

Driver - Leading Hand. See all 5 Cleanaway jobs. Find companies. For jobs in Russia, visit ru.Thanks for visiting our new website.

cleanaway jobs

As you browse through the site, please make a note of your experience and share your feedback with us at this link. To continue browsing, close this notification and use the link at the top of the page to provide your feedback at the end of the session.

Our people, the heart of Cleanaway, are committed to achieving our mission — Making a sustainable future possible. With over sites across Australia, and a fleet of 4, vehicles, our operational teams are ensuring a hands-on contribution is made to making a sustainable future possible. Our drivers see day to day the impact waste has on our environment and ensure that the waste is transported safely to our facilities where they are treated by our operators to ensure there is minimal impact on our planet.

Our drivers and operators are not our only operational employees. It takes an army to achieve our day to day in operations:. Our managers are working together with our blue-collar workforce to ensure day to day operations are met. If you have applied for a role within our operations team, our managers will be in touch with you for a short phone interview. Successful candidates will be invited for an interview. Our teams strive for innovative ways of doing business and are always looking for ways to improve the quality of our processes, products and systems.

Our performance-based culture creates opportunities for individuals and teams to achieve, and nurture talent to help grow careers within the business. Our committed workforce has enabled the business to grow both organically and through acquisition.

We offer apprenticeship and traineeship programs to give people starting out in our industry a great foundation to build strong careers. We also offer the following:. I can enhance my career aspirations and supplement my skill sets along the journey. Personally, I really enjoy the dynamic operational environment Cleanaway has challenged our team with and being able to contribute in delivering quality solid and liquid waste management services remotely to our valued customers.

I like the fact that the organisation is agile, fast paced and is thriving with knowledge and opportunities for all. The last two years have been the most valuable years of my career. Cleanaway is a great company to learn, develop and grow. I enjoy working for Cleanaway due to the challenges and opportunities available to me. Cleanaway is the perfect company for anyone looking to grow and develop in their career. Cleanaway lives by their values and these are embedded into everything they do — they really do walk the talk.

I started my time at Cleanaway in the head office sales team, and have now moved into the field sales team.

Cleanaway looks after you in regards to truck maintenance and safety gear. The thing I love best about our culture is that people look after people. I look forward to working with my team every day. It provides progression which gives employees greater options in their career path. I have been fortunate enough to further my career, work with great people, and finish each day with a feeling of self-worth, knowing I work for a company that genuinely cares about the future and is committed to providing my kids, and hopefully their kids with the same environment we enjoy today.

The resources available to me as a manager enable me to do the right things and things right every time.

The Hills Shire Council Recycling Collection Sydney's Garden Shire #SL01106 Cleanaway Sanitation USA

The mentoring and coaching, and communication channels across the hierarchy of the business is transparent, which promotes and encourages best practices for its employees. The Eastern Creek site is proof of this, as we have come a long way since Day 1. Honoured to be a part of the Cleanaway family. Sign up for the latest sustainability news for industry, businesses and communities.

Click Here for new customer.Don't miss our free resource consisting of 75 customer service facts, quotes, and statistics. Consider it our free mint to you. How might you use follow up "freebies" in your business to increase customer satisfaction and retention post sale. PS: Might we offer you a free e-Book consisting of 75 customer service facts, quotes, and statistics.

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Cleanaway Jobs

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