Ascension flu symptoms

Ascension flu symptoms

Daily meditation. Clean eating. Time in nature. Working through your shadow. Taking healing sessions. Reading books. Listening to podcasts. Planetary Awareness. Connecting with your Spirit Guides, aligning with your purpose…. The truth is, the ascensionor awakening process is brutal. But you know what? We talk a lot at Numerologist. This could be obvious — like the same old stress at work that always makes your shoulders ache. A thorough treatment of a physical issue requires tapping into this rootinto the energetic cause, which could be something like a trauma, a familial belief pattern or even an ancient spiritual contract.

It works the other way too. If you make conscious changes in your energy body, if you unpack some old, limiting thought pattern or belief system, or let go of a harmful emotion like shame or guilt, then a ripple effect will move through the energy bodies, until it reaches your physical body. But as this happens, it can make you feel pretty crappy. So common it has a name: Ascension flu.

Unexplainable achy-ness, joint or muscle pain can be a sign that your body is re-adjusting to a new frequency. Commonly, dense energy builds up in the neck, shoulders, and back.The Ascension process is the union of our higher and lower levels: the soul, spirit and body becoming one.

For many, this means you are changing your cellular structure to accommodate a higher frequency within the physical body. I say for many because the Ascension process is unique to each individual. Your higher self has chosen how you will attain this integration of higher and lower levels. As the Earth changes frequency during the Shift, the physical beings which live on her surface must vibrate at the same frequency in order to exist or survive.

Since the Earth is raising her vibrational rate, so must we. Only crystalline substances can exist in the higher dimensions, or faster vibrations. Crystalline structures vibrate at a higher faster frequency than carbon.

HUmans are evolving; we are changing from a carbon-based structure to a crystalline structure. This crystalline state is becoming embodied by our physical selves. This is the return of the Christ, a. The return of the Christ is the return of the divine HU-man God-man. This is a return to our original structure, a crystalline consciousness, with the added evolutionary step of embodying the crystalline structure within the physical vehicle.

It has never been done before, and the change in frequency carries a lot of challenges. All life forms on Earth are becoming crystalline. We have a big acceleration happening right now as we cross the galactic dark rift. This affects everything we know. Ocean, plant and animal kingdoms are evolving; we are all moving into a new state of being.

Basic symptoms often reflect Kundalini symptoms, or the rise of crystalline life force within the body. These are adjustments; energetic adjustments to integrate the new frequency. You do not have to be aware of the Ascension process at all in order to experience these symptoms. Many mystery ailments go mis-diagnosed or medicated into suppression which typically causes disharmony in another area; that energy has to go somewhere.Share the knowledge! Click upper left to pin to Pinterest!

Do you think you might be experiencing physical Ascension Symptoms in ? Experiencing headaches, fatigue, electrical zaps, tooth pain or ringing in the ears? Having vivid dreams or visions of angels or dead loved ones? These can all be extremely unpleasant symptoms of ascension during spiritual awakening! These are the current signs of ascension to 5d 5th dimensional perspective that you may be experiencing!

The DEFINITIVE GUIDE to Spiritual Ascension Symptoms (2020)

Unbeknownst to me, I was on the verge of a spiritual awakening! I thought I was going crazy! Ascension sickness symptoms and spiritual awakening signs tend to go hand in hand. I thought I was being haunted or going crazy, and I resisted my spiritual awakening heavily! Which just made the ascension symptoms worse!

The headaches were excruciating! I felt like I was vibrating back and forth. I argued and screamed at negative thoughts and my inner critic. I ran and hid from past fears. I yelled and threw things when my ears would ring. I took prescription pills for the headaches and lack of sleep. And, I wished for my life to end because I was so incredibly homesick for the higher dimensions I was beginning to experience in dreams and visions.

In short, ascension symptoms, or ascension sickness are symptoms your physical, mental, and emotional body exhibit while ascending from the heavy denseness of the 3rd dimension. You may experience some, or all of these symptoms while ascending to living in the 5th dimension. A higher faster dimension available on the Earth at this time. Mindfulness, joy, peace, graciousness, harmony, unity, oneness, kindness, and curiosity make up the 5th dimension.

Ascension symptoms, or sicknessmay include, but are not limited to: Headaches, nausea, depression, loneliness, electrical zaps, sensitivity to light and sounds, body pain, tooth pain, fatigue, and ringing in the ears.

Your Soul is awakening, which brings more light vibrating at a higher frequency into your physical body. You are ascending from the 3 rd dimension to the 5 th dimension 5d. This requires holding more and more light that vibrates at faster and faster speeds.I had a recent event of it and was prompted to share some tips and techniques with others.

Does everybody succumb to Ascension Flu? No and even those who do become ill seem to be to varying degrees and lasting varying durations. Does everyone who gets a version of the Ascension Flu get it at the same time? For example, there were some lightworkers who got sick in advance of the Summer Solsticeothers during and others after.

Energies are received by different beings differently. You already know the answer; No. Getting it is nothing to brag about and nothing to be ashamed of. To date mine tend to be very short in duration, normally about 12 hours or sometimes even less.

I have no data to support it but it has served me well to expect it to be a day or less as I have yet to be down from the Ascension Flu for longer than a day.

How do you know it is Ascension Energy related? I consider the circumstances. Am I aware of an energetic intensity recently experienced on Earth solar flares, seasonal solstice events, powerful recent planetary alignments etc. Was I feeling fine and then fairly out of the blue I have a headache, feel weak, feel nauseous, etc.? Can I rule out any other logical cause food-related disharmony, cold-like symptoms going around, etc.

Ascension Symptoms

My illness symptoms were out of the blue, and fairly conveniently timed, actually. If you have another technique or protocol that is effective for you, please share it in comment section at bottom.

Love and blessings, Jill Renee. I have never been this ill in my life and my guidance is that many LW are releasing intensely now for the Collective. My advice if you are suffering is, heed your body, fully feel whatever you feel and know that with the equinox on us we are nearly through this time.

Kate, we view things differently And I honor your views. This LW is over the nonsense, the false ascension crap and now sharing only the truths I am shown from Source. I recently had this experience. I went to the doctor they took X-ray and everything, still nothing.During peak times of ascension in our lives, we may experience a set of ailments and symptoms of ill health. The body is ill-equipped to deal with such upheaval, which results in the emergence of physical symptoms.

It is also referred to varyingly as ascension sickness or simply ascension symptoms.

Ascension Flu – What It Is And How To Survive It

Ascension flu can be a relative breeze through to absolute hell, depending on a number of factors. Those factors also dictate how long the ascension flu will last. Ascension is a lengthy process that begins at spiritual awakening and continues until we reach enlightenment and ascend to a higher level of consciousness.

ascension flu symptoms

Each karmic lesson, each moment of spiritual growth, each step along our spiritual journey represents an instance of ascension.

So the length of time our ascension flu will last heavily depends on how much of an upshift in energy we have experienced. After an intense period of spiritual growth, we might expect any ascension flu to last at least a few days, perhaps even a few weeks. However, if we have not been particularly spiritually active recently, we might be rid of the ascension flu within a day or less.

For some, this means less severe symptoms. For others, this can mean a complete absence of symptoms, which is described as full immunity. However, most only develop a slight immunity and thus can get over the ascension flu much quicker.

ascension flu symptoms

The only real way to build this immunity is to engage in regular spiritual practice. In particular, we should endeavour to meditate on a daily basis and pay attention to problems as they arise. This is because ascension flu arises from rapid spiritual growth, so we are likely already engaging in regular spiritual practice. So we should better use our meditation time with the specific goal of raising our ascension flu immunity. We can do this by paying particular attention during meditation to the changes in our spiritual energies.

By being intimately familiar with the changes in our spiritual selves, our body is better able to respond healthily to those changes. As a necessary aside, it should be noted that we must take advice from a medical professional if the ascension flu lasts for too long. And remember, we might hate how sick we feel right now, but the fact that we are experiencing ascension flu tells us that we are successfully journeying towards full ascension.

This article was written by spiritualunite. Please link back to the original article when sharing. Related Article.By Claudia McNeely. The energies recently have been very high. Many of us felt it when it hit, becoming instantly exhausted and achy. Intense energies such as this cause our bodies to detox on all levels. We will detox spiritually, sometimes going through a short Dark Night of the Soul, or spiritual crisis. This can cause us to feel that our lives are falling apart, with nothing making sense anymore.

The bright Light from the Sun will bring any denseness up for us to heal. This includes any stuck emotions that we have refused to heal, fear, anxiety, irritability and anger issues. It can also cause us to be deeply depressed, and unhealed grief and loss to come to Light. We will also detox on a physical level, causing increased aches and pains. We may feel like we have been hit by a bus, hurting from our heads to our toes.

Our lymph glands under our arms, in our breasts or our groin may feel swollen and painful. Even the bottom of our feet may hurt.

We may be dizzy, confused, fuzzy headed, lose our balance, have headaches or migraines and tingling on the top of our head where the energy is entering our Crown Chakra. This will also affect our sleep, making it difficult or impossible to sleep. When we do sleep, we do not rest, and wake feeling as tired as when we went to bed. The energy entering our Third Eye Chakra can cause vision issues, blurred vision, dry eyes, irritated eyes and sinus issues.

When the Throat Chakra is affected, it can cause sore throat, laryngitis, sinus issues, sinus headache, sinus congestion, coughing, flu, loud ear noise, tooth pain and mouth pain. This Chakra also controls the muscle aches and pains. Many people go to the Emergency Room when the Heart Chakra is affected, because they think they are having a heart attack.

ascension flu symptoms

It is difficult to tell if the heart palpitations, chest pain and difficulty taking deep breaths is from ascension flu or an actual heart attack, so better to make a wasted trip to the Emergency Room than take the chance. Back pain will increase. Asthma, bronchitis and colds may increase.

Our Solar Plexus Chakra can cause major issues, with abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, digestive issues, diarrhea, eating too much or not wanting to eat at all. This is also where strong emotions will arise, such as anxiety, panic attacks, grief, depression, sadness and other stuck emotions.


The Sacral Chakra can cause women to feel like we are having menstrual cramps and bloating. We will also have hot flashes, sweating or feeling too hot. Our skin can turn red from the energy. When the Root Chakra is affected, it affects our grounding, making us feel dizzy and to lose our balance, or even fall.

The bottom of our feet can hurt from the rise in vibration stretching our grounding cords. It also causes low back and hip pain. It is essential to listen to our body and give it what it needs. It may need more rest or raw foods that are easier to digest. Remember to breathe deeply to bring yourself back into Now.

It is also necessary to detox during these intense energies. Drink lots of extra water, as the heat from the Sun and Solar Winds will cause us to become dehydrated. Bathe in Sea or Himalayan Salt to release toxins from our bodies. Take potassium and magnesium for the muscle cramps and aches. Know that this too shall pass, maybe like a kidney stone, but it will pass. If you need help with releasing the emotions that are brought to the surface, I can help you in a Heart and Soul Healing Session.During the Ascension process as we accrete frequency and light we may undergo a variety of ascension symptoms, physical, mental, emotional or spiritual-energetic.

These transmutational symptoms can be extreme. The 12D Shield is helpful to harmonize the body through many ascension symptoms. Many of the ascension symptoms are vague to describe and inexpressible in linear thought and language. When people go to doctors, they are being told to take drugs or they are being instructed to seek professional psychological help.

This site is not professing to be giving any medical advice. It may be beneficial for some of us to seek out medical or psychological treatment during our process. We must follow our own inner guidance on how to proceed with what is occurring within our physical and energy body systems at this unprecedented time of acceleration. Certain symptoms are now becoming more apparent and when we know this as a "process" and that many others are feeling the same things, a certain serenity can be brought into the mind.

Many can rest in the knowledge that they are being transformed in ways that may feel extremely hard on the physical body. Also, our bodies often experience a rush of heat and energy bursts that are not comfortable. Our bodies are being shifted in thermodynamic ways and with so much light entering the fields of the body, some of the "symptoms" we experience are actually preventing our physical vehicles from bursting with the intensity of light.

We may experience a "triad" sleep pattern waking up every 3 hours or interrupted sleep as we are being recalibrated and worked on energetically at night. This adds to our being restless and tired in the morning. Remember to be gentle with your hearts and being and only allow others within your boundaries of inner sanctum that treat you the same. This can be an extremely vulnerable time emotionally. We need to release the fear of asking for help and investing in ourselves to feel balanced and healthy.

ascension flu symptoms

On the planetary scale, a massive shift is taking place. Huge infusions of Light are coming to the Earth plane as the veil of separation and denial are lifting. Earth Ascension Changes are creating physical changes in our bodies right now. The planet is mutating, and so are the beings on it. There is a transmutation taking place in the very cells of your body. A transmutation is the act of being transmuted or changed or altered in form, appearance, nature to a higher form.

During mutation, this new combination may be constructed by the body from diverse conceptions into a coherent whole body that may be different from previous bodies.

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